Hair Transplantation

Thanks to innovative and cost-effective hair transplant techniques performed in our certified high-tech clinics, our leading Turkish doctors are able to restore your hair. Enjoy exclusive service, VIP transfers, top quality and guaranteed results—at the best price. Enjoy exclusive service, VIP transfers, top quality and guaranteed results—at the best price.

Our hair surgeons combine hair implant techniques with effective follow-up treatment. The various specialist follow-up treatments are aimed at the speedy and natural healing process of the hair follicles, supporting hair growth and nourishing the transplanted hair follicles. Clinique Ouché offers you a choice of various hair transplant packages, each with all-inclusive service and guarantee. Depending on the package you choose, there will be effective follow-up treatments for the Diamond FUE hair transplant or DHI hair transplant.

Professional hair transplantation in Turkey

Hair implant treatments in Turkey offer several advantages. The most well-known advantage of a hair transplant in Turkey is the cost. Due to the lower price of hair transplants in Turkey, we offer unlimited grafts at a fixed price. In our modern ISO/JCI certified clinics for hair transplantation in Turkey, our doctors perform hair transplantation with the most successful techniques, at a low price and without compromising on the quality.

The best hair transplant methods

In our hair transplant clinic, we apply the newest hair implant techniques. Hair transplant techniques and treatment methods for effective hair growth are combined to achieve optimal results. By using innovative Diamond FUE hair transplant technology or DHI hair transplantation in combination with IGF, laser and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, our doctors are able to restore the fullness, health and shine of your hair.

Supporting therapies for hair transplantation

FUE hair transplantation

Hair transplantation using the Diamond FUE technique results in a head of hair that looks extremely natural. The hair follicles are transplanted with utmost precision using sapphire tips with a diamond coating. This results in a faster healing process of the donor area after the treatment, and less scarring on the skin. The grafts that were transplanted using the FUE hair transplant technique grow into the hair canals. Afterwards, even hairdressers will not be able to distinguish between your original and transplanted hair.

DHI hair transplant

With the DHI hair transplant methods, the hair follicles are transferred one by one from the donor area to the receiving area using the specialist hair implant instrument, the DHI Implanter Pen This happens simultaneously: the hair follicles are directly transferred to the hair canal with the DHI hair transplant. The Implanter Pen allows full control over the hair follicle implantation, without having to shave the hair on the receiving area.

IGF therapy

IGF therapy is a serum support for hair implantation. By using the IGF method, healthy hair growth of the existing hair follicles is stimulated and optimised. The effective Insulin Growth Factor (IGF) serum is injected into the hair follicles together with amino acids, minerals and vitamins to prevent hair loss and promote blood circulation. The combination of effective IGF therapy and Diamond FUE hair transplant or DHI hair transplant results in hydrated, healthy and thick hair.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy support in hair transplantation makes it easier and quicker for transplanted hair follicles to adhere to the skin of the receiving area. The supply of pure oxygen above atmospheric pressure after a Diamond FUE hair transplant or DHI hair transplant promotes the microcirculation in the blood vessels. The hair follicles are optimally nourished and the healing process after the implant is accelerated. This way, oxygen therapy after hair implantation ensures thicker, more flexible and shinier hair without dandruff or seborrhea.

Laser therapy

After the hair implantation, the healing process and growth of the transplanted hair follicles are stimulated using laser therapy and restored to their natural thickness. Laser Therapy reduces hair loss by accelerating the growth phase after hair transplantation and promoting the healthy growth of hair. Our hair transplant experts use FDA-approved laser devices to prevent side effects. Laser therapy after hair transplant procedures is an extremely successful treatment for people with thinner and more brittle hair.

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