Plastic surgery


SMAS facelift

With the Extended High SMAS technique invented by our doctor of Clinique Ouché, it is possible to achieve a dramatic facial rejuvenation within natural limits

Breast Aesthetics

The exemplary personification of the female sexuality, breasts have fascinated and mystified since the beginning of time.

Facial paralysis

There are different ways to treat facial paralysis depending largely on the severity of the paralysis. Hence, we customize each patient’s procedures based on his or her individual needs.

Vaser Liposuction

Net als bij de traditionele manuele liposuctie wordt de procedure bepaald door de mate van trauma aan de omliggende weefsels en bloedvaten.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

A hip augmentation changes the size and shape of the patient’s hip by transferring and injecting fat or surgically placing a silicone implant in the hip.

Intimate for Men

Our doctor now offers procedures for men who are looking solution for their most private problems.

3D Rhinoplasty

It uses 3D medical facial images with actual measurements to accurately plan the operation in the digital environment…

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